Rocket-powered cars and football, and it works. Who’dve thought?

Multiplayer options.
Season mode is a multi-match mode that can be played alone or with others.
Training menu.
The player's statistics are available on the main menu.
Global leaderboards.
Options menu.
Loading screen. Yay!


Kick-off at the start of a match has a count-down followed by all players racing to the center.
Season mode match start.
Training levels are available for each of the major skills.
Scoring a goal.
Scoring a goal.
After scoring a goal, all players are shown a replay of the seconds leading up to the goal. If all players vote to skip (with cross), then the replay is skipped.
At the end of the match, there is a 10-second countdown warning. When the match ends, one player is awarded Most Valuable Player, players receive points and the player has a chance to unlock a new car part.
The quick-chat menu is attached to the d-pad. The player chooses a category with up, down, left, right, and then a line to use from that category.